York Curiouser (2014)




York Curiouser - Photo Credit Chris Jones Thread Art

York Curiouser


In the corners of the city, at the ends of snickets, in the bell towers and bars, something is unfolding: new sources are whispering and shaping the story of the streets, drawing us onwards through spaces that others have touched and transformed. It’s curious how the light falls on the Minster after you’ve gazed at a weed in a crack between paving slabs; how the streets curve to our curiosity, drawing us onwards, deeper into our desires, uttering us as we go. Curious? Stop right here. The signs are everywhere, images flourishing in forgotten places, the walls flutters with them! The new and the old feed on each other. All that we thought blank and dank, opens.  Catch the city in the corner of your eye and enter it. Curious. Curiouser and York Curiouser: the city in the light of contemporary art interventions – fleeting glimpses, tiny openings and snatched words from 14 June to 7 July 2014.

The work Susanne Davies has created for the stone window in the beautiful gardens of Merchant Adventures Hall has beed influenced by the site itself.

Looking at sites around the City for York Curiouser the stone window seemed perfect for an intervention. A secluded unknown site sits well with the ethos of York Curiouser’s aims.

Susanne has been influenced by the history of the building, in particular ‘The Mystery of Mercers’ or The Mercers Guild, who primarily traded in luxury goods usually textiles. The mercers frequently imported cloth. Wool also dominated exports from York in the 14th century was gradually replaced by cloth in the 15th century as the cloth making industry expanded.

Having this knowledge and combining it with the structure of the stone window, Susanne looked more closely at the woven cloth and the embroidery of that time. Influenced by the weaving and colours used Susanne has created a ‘stained glass window’ effect by using embroidery thread and a contemporary aesthetic.

If possible take time to stand at different times of day to view the ‘panes’ as the sun goes in and out through the trees the colours change, almost reflecting the foliage and plants in the surrounding garden.

York Curiouser - Merchant Adventurers Hall - Susanne Davies


York Curiouser - Merchant Adventurers Hall - Susanne Davies

York Curiouser - Merchant Adventurers Hall - Susanne Davies

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