As part of my practice I collaborate with a number of artists. See drop down menu for further details.

 Jack Cook


Jack Cook Fine Art photographer and I have teamed up as part of a new collaborative project to explore the interdisciplinary exchange of two diverse practices, the result, a genuine exchange of ideas where differing viewpoints co-exist, pushing the parameters of one another’s boundary’s and comfort zones.

The new work reflects the collaborative conversation between both Jack and myself which has resulted in some exciting and rewarding surprises along the way.

We have secured a show at Bar Lane Studios York on 17th February 2012, which will run for two weeks.

The image selected is a sneak preview of the collaboration, more information will be provided closer to the time.





Reviewthecube is a group of three artists, Clare Nattress, Charlie Barnes and myself, we have worked together for a number of years brought together by the themes and concepts in our practices

The name reviewthecube was brought about out of a feeling of unity of working together. It stems from long conversations over coffee, about the gallery space so often called the white cube today with its sterile environment for art. The cube is a necessary space for art but not the only space and this is why we became ‘Review’ the cube.

Our work often takes us outside the gallery, but sits well also ‘inside’ sometimes taking a different aspect from the same piece of work can place it satisfactorily on the gleaming white wall.